Embryonic signals perpetuate polar-like trophoblast stem cells and pattern the blastocyst axis.

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Chemically-defined induction of a primitive endoderm and epiblast-like niche supports post-implantation progression from blastoids.

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Debate ethics of embryo models from stem cells.

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Blastocyst-like structures generated solely from stem cells.

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Formation of blastoids from mouse embryonic and trophoblast stem cells

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Troy+ brain stem cells cycle through quiescence and regulate their number bysensing niche occupancy.

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Creating to understand - developmental biology meets engineering in Paris.

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Directed assembly and development of material-free tissues with complex architectures.

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3D high throughput screening and profiling of embryoid bodies in thermoformed microwell plates.

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Engineered micro-objects as scaffolding elements in cellular building blocks for bottom-up tissue engineering approaches.

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Spheroid culture as a tool for creating 3D complex tissues.

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Tissue deformation spatially modulates VEGF signaling and angiogenesis.

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Sonic Hedgehog-activated engineered blood vessels enhance bone tissue formation.

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Fabrication of cell container arrays with overlaid surface topographies.

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Thermoforming of film-based biomedical microdevices.

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Tissue assembly and organization: developmental mechanisms in microfabricated tissues.

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Vascularization in tissue engineering.

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