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Principal investigator

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Erik Vrij

Postdoc in microsystems & biology.


Primitive endoderm fate

and lineage synergies.

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Linfeng Li

PhD student in computational biology. 

Deep phenotyping of trophoblast via

high-content imaging .

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Javier Frias-Aldeguer

PhD student in stem cell biology.

Embryonic inductions and

trophectoderm axis patterning.

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Delia Koennig

Postdoc in stem cell biology.

Blastocyst lineages synergies

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Join the team!

We are currently looking for a strongly motivated Postdoc with experience in high-content imaging to study blastocysts and blastoids both in vitro and in vivo. Knowledge on stem cell culture is a plus. This position is part of a HFSP with Shantanu Singh (Broad Institute) and Kyoto Kawaguchi (Riken Institute), and requires regular and frequent exchanges with these labs. We only consider people who made a deep thought about joining the lab, are hungry for discoveries, success, and respectful of other people's work.

Send your letter of motivation, CV and two reference contacts (emails).

More details about the position here:


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